Aug 31, 2015

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Dunk Tanks

Dunk tanks, also called dunking tanks or dunk booths, are fat stands holding a wide range of water, above which there’s a chair. Browse here at to explore the meaning behind it. Dunk tanks are major attractions in air-shows, festivals, exhibitions, audio festivals, fundraisers, and private parties. That is a design used for playing a kind of ball-game, that will be the ultimate amusement for generating large income at carnivals. Near the tank is just a bulls-eye style target, connected to the chair in the dunk tank.

The dunk tanks game needs a couple, a dunkee who sits o-n the seat above the tank of water, and a dunker who tries to reach the target with softballs or golf balls. Once the dunker succeeds in reaching the target, the chair will switch downwards and the falls into the container of water. The dunkee usually wears normal clothing or swimwear. Several wear some type of footwear, as footwear decreases the likelihood of slipping.

For the most part carnivals, people simply take the role of the young ones and dunkee behave as dunkers. For extra information, we recommend you check out: The dunk tank, when full of water, is at least 4-5 ft deep, so all dunkees are often needed to be at least 4 ft high and should know how to swim. The game stipulates when the dunker is throwing the ball that the dunkee must hold his breath. This helps the dunkee to prevent getting water into his/her nose, if the target is hit and the chair comes down. Learn further on our favorite partner encyclopedia by visiting

This water game can be an all time favorite at any event. Depending on the model and size, the dunk tanks selling prices from $2000 to $4000. The fee is likely to be somewhere in-between $800 and $500 each day, In the event the dunk tanks are hired. A normal dunk could be easily put up by one individual, and is easy to keep, along with easy to work. If essential, though, the tenant can consider hiring a secretary..

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